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Who we are

We at AlaskaWild are a family operation dedicated to bringing the highest quality Alaska seafood directly from the pristine waters along the Kenai Peninsula coastline to your table. We are the fishermen. Great care is taken to ensure proper handling, processing, and shipping of our seafood so that the integrity of your soon-to-be delicious meal is never compromised. Click the button below to read more about us!


Our seafood

Our AlaskaWild seafood grow and thrive as they should in the cold, clean North Pacific waters with:

  • No antibiotics

  • No pesticides

  • No growth hormones

  • No artificial coloring

  • No preservatives


our mission

we love alaska and are dedicated to preserving its incredible traditions and all of its amazing resources, while bringing some of its beauty and richness to you.


 Check out our blog!

want to follow our trip to alaska, learn more about how we catch our seafood, or find some incredible recipes for family dinner? Check out the alaskawild experience blog and dive into a smorgasbord of fun and helpful content!